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Writing, Web3, Crypto & NFTs, Travel, and Disruption on a Fundamental Level.


CD Damitio | Vagobond Founder

Publisher of Vagobond Mag and author of books. Web3 pioneer, passionate collaborative storyteller who enjoys spending time with his family, writing, and traveling the world. https://vagobond.cent.co

Rionna Morgan

Vagobond Magazine, Senior Editor. Roving with Rionna, Host. PageDAO Podcast, co-host. Published with Readl, BookVolts, and Simon & Schuster. Practicing lawyer & former English teacher/professor.

Angel Blue Houghton

Hi my name is Angel Blue and I’m a spokeswoman for web3 Music.

E. R. Donaldson

Speculative fiction writer, artist, and web3 enthusiast.


Digital fashion journalist. Writing about the tech, web3, and disruptive creators and elements of digital fashion.

Jason Verners

Magician. Creative Consultant. Millennial.